Hello people, I am Ranjana Ambulgekar, and I’m 50 years old. Today. I’m going to talk about my weight loss that happened in a very organic way. I had gained weight rapidly as I was not mindful about my eating habits. As a result, I started gaining weight – 75 kgs this was the number that appeared on my weighing machine! I decided that I would take professional help as they would provide an organized way to lose weight. I had good things about Yours Truly- the experts in weight loss, they are complete lifestyle trainers, so I contacted them.

The first thing they did was calculate my body fat analysis, and then they gave me a diet to follow. The coach also told me to do some exercises.  I was always in touch with my dietician Shaveta who guided me and motivated me. The fitness coach also guided me and told me about different activities every week so that I did not get bored. Every week there was a follow-up, and my weekly progress was monitored. My diet was changed every week, so it was a welcome change. With a healthy and tasty food and some light exercises which were age appropriate, the weight loss started happening. I also came to know about the Yours Truly App which I downloaded, and I must say it is easy to use. I learned to use the app quickly, and I was always aware of my calorie intake and how much fat I had burnt.

After following their program religiously, I was surprised to see the results. After a few months, my weight dropped down to 67 kgs. It was a great achievement for me. I would recommend Yours Truly to anyone who wants to lose weight healthily. I thank them for their tremendous support and guidance.