The secret behind my weight loss & glowing skin revealed!

Hi, I am Aditi and today I am going to share my secret of weight loss. I look great today, but there was a time I hated to see in the mirror. Everyone in the world wants to remain fit, and I also want to be fit and stay in good shape.  Being overweight causes many problems and you feel stressed, and there is always a lack of energy. My weight was causing a lot of adverse effect on my life, and it affected my mental health. I like to wear different and stylish clothes, but my weight was the main problem as I could not wear those stylish and trendy clothes. I have been made fun of because of my weight, and I felt terrible about it. I got fed up, and I just wanted to lose weight to feel confident and good about myself. I think losing weight is very important for your confidence level.  

My friend Ashwini told me about Modern Monk- Yours Truly Care as she was aware that I want to lose weight. So thank you Ashwini! Earlier I had never gone to a fitness or weight loss centre but tried doing it myself after getting information from the Internet. Many times I lost weight but again gained weight. So, it was of no use. I used to make Diet plans for myself but I did not know which program would suit my body and maybe that’s why my weight loss efforts were unsuccessful.

Fed up, I tried to do something about my increasing weight.  Yours Truly Care came to my rescue after I called up them. The people there recommended me a proper diet plan which was provided after analysing many things such as my body weight, eating habits, and work schedule. I did not know that such was the research that is required for weight loss as I was trying diets without proper research. With the YoursTruly app, I kept a close track on my work out and diet plan and was able to achieve the results I wanted. I think it’s a must app for anyone who wants to lose weight.

I changed my eating habits- stopped eating junk food. The best part was that the diet was changed after every week and therefore I did not have to eat the same food. I was not bored it was exciting for me to eat different healthy foods every week. I did not even feel that I was on a diet! The result was that I started losing weight and it made me so much happy!!! Modern Monk provides many tasty smoothies, and I love them as I also make them at home. The smoothies such as ‘Heartthrob’ mango is my favourite, and I also liked the ‘Purify.’ My skin is glowing, and I lost weight- this is what I was looking for, and Modern Monk gave me!

The experts- Anisha, Shaveta,  gave me a new plan every week after monitoring my progress. Thank you other dieticians Shainaz and Khusboo also, I could eat everything that was being cooked at home. There were no food cravings, and I was trying new recipes. My work schedule got hectic, and so I would miss my workouts but still with the help of Modern Monk‘s proper diet plan I reduced 8 kgs weight and muscle gain of 1.5 kg.

Now I am a  new Aditi as I am feeling very confident. Everyone is praising me,  ‘Aditi you are looking great,’ you are looking beautiful- these words fill me with confidence and happiness. I am still on my journey to lose more weight, and I’m sure that I will reach my target soon!  I thank from the bottom of my heart -the Modern Monk team and Ashwini who introduced me to Modern Monk. I am very happy for this amazing transformation!