Found a new me-Thanks to Yours Truly!

Hi, I’m Bhavisha Vyas, and like every woman, I was concerned about my post-pregnancy weight, and for accomplishing this mission, I got in touch with the fantastic team of Yours Truly. My friend Rashmi Ramakrishnan introduced me to these incredible people who helped me in my weight loss. Anjali Thakur from Yours Truly explained me the whole process of weight loss and described the entire approach towards organically losing weight.

I called up at their Office, and Diksha answered my call. She listened to me very patiently, and she gave me satisfactory answers to all my queries. My BMI was checked by a person sent by the team, and a dietician was allotted to me. Anisha Pullyadath – a very energetic and a lovely person, recommended me a tasty diet that was decided after taking into consideration several things such as my weight loss target and other conditions. She also suggested a workout regime for me, but there were still apprehensions about the success of the plan as I was suffering from PCOD. But I was determined to overcome the hormonal imbalance problem, and I started to follow the diet plan and workout plan. It started happening finally – I was losing weight, and came down from a whopping 90 Kgs to 78 kgs. I am very proud of myself. Ten more kgs I want to lose, and I’m determined to achieve it.

The weight loss let me discovered a new me, and I was feeling confident and happy. My hubby too was delighted to seem glowing with the weight loss. Let me tell you, people who use to body shame me were now asking me the secret behind my weight loss. My reply was that I switched to a healthy lifestyle and had a healthy diet every day. The impact was such that my family too took a liking to the healthy meals I cooked and thus it had a positive effect on the health of my family also.

I would like to thank Anjali Thakur and the entire team of Yours Truly for the dramatic weight loss transformation. She also recommended the smoothie package, and I was in love with it. I won it during the Diwali contest. The Yours Truly App too helped me in my weight loss journey and I would like to tell everyone who wants to lose weight, to download this App. It’s very helpful.

With my weight loss, my confidence is back, and I love every bit of it. Now I can say that I’m my favourite!-Mein Apni favorite ban gayi!! Thankyou Yours Truly for your support and guidance.