Get a Healthy Lifestyle with the help of Yours Truly!

Hello. I am Dr. Priya Parekh. I have a very hectic lifestyle, and I was so immersed in work that I neglected my health. I gained weight, and it brought my energy level down.   I have a family history of several ailments such as High Blood Pressure, PCOS or PCOD, Hypo or HyperThyroidism. Moreover, I was The fact that I have a sweet tooth added to the risk of having diabetes. I knew I needed some health and lifestyle changes, but I thought of taking professional help.

I had heard a lot of good reviews about Yours Truly and how they enabled their customers to lead a healthy lifestyle. After the initial test of Body Composition Analysis, a customized diet plan and workout schedule was created for me. I had decided that I would follow whatever my dietician and fitness coach told me. They took note of everything my BMI, fat percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate, etc. every week I was given a new diet and a new workout regime. This weekly change was excellent as was something new every week. Apart from the diet, I was impressed with the range of smoothies that Yours Truly has such as Reduce, Defense ,Purify and Jamunji. The fact that I had never had smoothies before made me a little apprehensive, but they have such a yummy taste that I fast develop a liking for them. It was a pleasant surprise for me. It makes you feel content, and there are no hunger pangs that disturb you often. These are healthy and tasty beverages, and I recommend them whoever wants to lose weight.  I keep suggesting these wonderful smoothies to my friends and patients as well. It is just not about the weight loss, but it has a positive effect on the skin as well. Earlier my skin was not that good but with the smoothies my skin is more smooth, clear and healthy now. I feel the change in my skin and body. I feel happy and more energized while at work. I don't feel anxious about anything, and I am a calmer person now. I also took the help of the Yours Truly App which is a wonderful assistant that lets you know your progress after you enter the required details.

It has been an excellent experience for me to be associated with Yours Truly, I recommend them to every person who wants to lose and manage his/ her weight. From 68 kgs, my weight was now 64 kgs. The results are evident, and all this was possible with the continuous guidance and support from Yours Truly. I am feeling more confident with my appearance, and I  am much more involved in my work. So, thank you Yours Truly you have been a great partner in my weight loss journey, or rather I should say- lifestyle change journey!