Thank you Yours Truly for your tremendous support!

Hello, everyone, My name is Madhura Nyayadhish, and I am writing this to share my story of weight loss which happened with the help of Yours Truly.

Everyone wants to look and wear good clothes. I am not an exception, but my increasing weight was affecting my life severely. My body was not in shape. With some bad eating habits like eating junk food and fatty snacks, my weight started increasing rapidly, In no time, I had become overweight, and it made me very unhappy. I often thought, ‘Will I be able to lose weight ?’ and asked myself, ‘Will I ever get into good shape.’ Well, these questions kept troubling my mind. I also did a little exercise and most of the times. I knew these were the problems that were not letting me lose weight, but I needed proper guidance and advice so that I could lose weight in an organized way.

Yours Truly understood my health concerns and advised me to get a Body Fat Analysis done which I did. The report was shocking to me as a lot of fat had built up in my body. I was given personalized care as I had my dietician and personal coach to look after my health. They gave me a diet which I had to follow for one week. It included everything that could be easily made at home.  I did not know that eating poha and upma, dosa in breakfast leads to less consumption of calories. They also suggested some ideas which fade away unnecessary cravings. For instance, one brilliant idea was to drink a glass of water before the meal, and that would make you less hungry. Every week a new diet and a new exercise. I enjoyed the process. The consultation calls helped me to be motivated all the time, and I felt I was not alone in my weight loss process.

These people also recommended smoothies such as ‘Defense’ and ‘Reduce’ which I loved as they had a fresh and unique taste. I think these smoothies did not let me binge on anything healthy as I felt that my stomach was full and I did not feel any hunger pangs. So, this was a wholly organized process of losing weight. I finally lost weight, and this journey is still going on. I thank Yours Truly because they provided guidance which provided a lot of benefits. I would say that if anyone wasn’t to lose weight, they should get in touch with Yours Truly!