Discover a  new you with Yours Truly!

Hello, all you lovely people. My name is Meeta Bajaj, and  I am writing down my experience to share my incredible journey of weight loss. I never thought that I would gain weight, but I did, and it troubled me a lot. I would dream of perfect shape, and I was determined to lose weight. I got to know about Yours Truly and the excellent reputation it had in the market. First I downloaded the Yours Truly app, and it gave a unique insight into how the food I was eating was affecting my body. I was surprised to see that I was eating the food that added to my fat.  Also, with the App, one can keep a track on the exercise and the calorie burnt. I was super-impressed with the app, and I called up the executives at Yours Truly to buy a program. The dietician Shainaz got in touch with me, and my weight loss journey started. She sent a person at my place to get my Body fat analysis done, and after that, she told me to follow a particular diet every week, along with this, a set of exercises were suggested to me that was based on my fat analysis.

In the beginning, it was a little challenging to eat a particular kind of food and follow a set pattern but made consultation calls to my dietician and fitness coach. I was pleased that help was just a call away. They cleared my doubts, corrected me on my eating habits and workout regime. They kept motivating me, and this made me more determined to do my best. Gradually, the positive results showed up, and I was happy that I was on the right path.

Today I feel lovely and good about myself. I can wear clothes which I want to because my body is in shape. I love every moment of my life. My family and friends are showering compliments on me, and I think this is one of the best phases of life. After all, it’s good to hear; When people say Meeta you look lovely’, or ‘Meeta, you look more beautiful.’ All these compliments instilled a lot of confidence in me.  Thank You Yours Truly, you guys made my weight loss possible and let me discover a new me!