Yours Truly- An important part of my weight loss journey!

Hi. My name is Payal, and I am writing this to let everyone know how Yours Truly was instrumental in my weight loss, and it changed my lifestyle. When my weight reached 87 kgs, I was very concerned. I did not want to be overweight, but when I neglected my health, this had to happen. The main reason behind my weight gain was my unhealthy eating habits. Eating outside food and junk food made me gain a lot of weight. I did not have an active lifestyle, and thus my weight was bound to increase. Being overweight led to several problems, and one of them was lack of energy. I felt  I did not have the power to do any work. I felt lethargic, and my confidence level also went down. I felt hopeless, and I wanted to do something about it. Luckily, I got to know about Yours Truly.

The first thing they did was take my body fat test. This test was done to know the fat composition in my body. Then, a dietician  Khusboo got in touch with me. She made me understand what is healthy for me and the importance of exercises. I was surprised to know that a change in lifestyle and eating habits can give positive results to a great extent. Khushboo also recommended me some tasty smoothies. I was new to the concept of smoothies but tried them. There were many flavours such as Reduce, Purify, Charge, and others. I loved the taste, and after consuming the smoothies, I did not feel hungry which I earlier did, and I used to binge on unhealthy snacks. But with the smoothies, I did not feel hungry. As a result, I did not binge on anything that was unhealthy. I also did the particular exercises recommended by the fitness coach. I was able to manage my weight loss with the help of the Yours Truly App. It was one of the simplest Apps I have ever used. All the information was available on the App, and it helped me track my calorie intake and the calories I was burning with the exercises. I was always aware of the calories while on the go. And I started losing weight. It was because I was committed to my goal and the staff at Yours Truly continuously helped and motivated me. These people have helped me achieve what I wanted to look like. I sincerely thank the team of Yours Truly.

I am much fitter now as compared to the time before I joined the Yours Truly program. I am very much pleased that Yours Truly was able to help me in the way I wanted.