Two Kgs, Two Weeks- My short and sweet weight loss journey!

Hello, all you lovely people. I am Sandhya Gunjote, and I am sharing my sweet and short weight loss journey? Have you ever thought that anyone could lose 2kgs in just two weeks? Well, I have lost 2 kgs in only two weeks! That’s amazing! Isn’t it? I was 65 kgs, and with the help of these lovely people at Yours Truly, I have shed 2 kgs in just c couple of weeks! Well, that’s amazing because people try for months and they do not succeed in doing so, but I did.  I am a non-vegetarian, and I love my food. But I also had the habit of eating street food and gorge on all the junk food available outside. I was eating all the unhealthy foods, and the result was -increased weight.

I have also suffered from digestive problems such as bloating and acidity. It was all due to my unhealthy eating habits. But I am taking Meri met, Ace proxvyon and ayurvedic medicine for digestion from Khadiwale Vaidya to cure this problem.

Also, I was sceptical about trying out different workouts as I have had a  C-section. But Yours Truly suggested some fantastic exercises that not only helped me in my weight loss and had a positive impact on my body and mind. After my body composition analysis, a proper diet and workout regime was told to me. I followed it religiously, and  I was feeling much better! My evening stack comprised of paneer stir fried veggies and I changed my diet entirely based on what the dietician Shaveta suggested me.

The Yours Truly App also helped me in a significant way as it enabled me to know the direction of my workout and diet. It helped me in successfully losing weight. Thank you Yours Truly, you helped me get back my life on track.