Hello people, My name is Sneha Gurnani, and I am writing this letter so that everyone who is struggling with weight issues should know that losing weight is possible and happens. Like many others, I was also struggling with weight and trying to find out ways which could help me lose weight. I was hugely disappointed as all other ways which I tried were not working, and I was slipping into depression. I had the habit of eating out, and I would love to gorge on unhealthy and junk foods one to three times per month. I love eating non-vegetarian foods. I also started having digestive issues as I was not able to digest the heavy food laden with oil.  I also had undergone some surgeries, and they also affected my lifestyle and my energy levels. I decided I had to something about my weight and it was clear that I won/t be able to do it without somebody’s help. So, I thought I would take the advice of professionals, and I called up the executive at Yours Truly.

The person listened to me very carefully, and I shared all my medical history with them. I told them about the issues that I was facing.  Yours Truly sent a team to get my body fat analysis done, and they told me my problem areas. They offered me a diet plan and told me to do to some exercises which were based on my report. My dietician Shainaz was very patient, and I shared all my concerns with her. She told me to stick to one diet, and after a week, my check-up was done again to see the results. A fitness coach also suggested me some useful exercises, the combination of both a healthy diet and exercise started giving me results. I could see that I was losing weight and I was feeling light and more energetic. I had the habit of eating sweets and chocolates once a day which I changed. With changes in my lifestyle and workouts, I gradually started losing weight, and I was so happy that I could achieve something which I earlier thought was impossible. It became possible with the help of Yours Truly-their support and guidance, and I am very much thankful to the excellent team at Yours Truly. Their App- Yours Truly App also helped me to track my diets, calories, my workouts- calories burnt and other factors and it made my weight loss journey organized and more manageable. I think everyone should remember that health is wealth so no one should ignore their health.