Weight loss is easy with Yours Truly!

Hello, everyone, I am Rujuta Kulkarni. I am 31 years old, and I am going to share my weight loss journey with all the people who think that losing weight is a tough task. But let me tell you that losing weight needs strong determination and a great coach who can guide with all the correct information. I am a fashion stylist and make-up artist, and I have had some medical complications which combined with my increase in weight took a toll on my health. At a young age, I have had surgery for removing my ovarian cyst so you can know now that how the medical complications have affected my health.  I also have a family history of diabetes, so I’m at risk of it. Also, I have pain in back and knee, and I have had hair fall more than average but not up to the extreme level. These problems were the result of the weight gain, and then I started taking pills for losing weight. These pills are not effective in the long run, and I gained weight again. I am non-vegetarian, and I love to eat to my heart’s content. Without proper knowledge of the effect of the food, I was having I was eating merrily. But the results were terrible as I had gained a lot of weight.

I was tired and frustrated, but I thank God that I came to know about Yours Truly.  The people at Yours Truly are very cooperative and listened to me very patiently. I felt very comfortable talking them, and I shared all my health problems. The dietician advised me a diet that was created after taking into account all my medical conditions and they also considered my lifestyle while giving me this diet. The best part I liked was that they told me that losing weight was an organic process and it will happen gradually only when I followed the diet. Also, I was advised a workout plan, which too was tailored- made for me. So, in all, I liked the fact that there were no gimmicks involved and I trusted them. I followed the diet which Shaveta, my dietician changed every week.

I also followed the workout regime. Initially, it was challenging to develop a specific pattern in both food and exercise, but gradually and slowly, I made a habit of eating healthy and exercising regularly. The results soon start showing, and I started losing weight I was so happy that I could not describe my happiness in words. My friends are praising me which doubled my joy. Also, I felt that my energy level had also increased and I was feeling delighted.

I also downloaded the Yours Truly app that helped me track all my diet and workouts. The app is straightforward to use, and I always knew how close I was towards my goal. It motivated me a lot. Thank you Yours Truly for helping me losing all the excess weight!