The glow on face- and my fit body- Thank you Yours Truly for transforming my life!


Do you notice the glow on my face? Also, I can’t help stop but smile a lot. I am Susan Joseph, and I would love to share my weight loss story that transformed me and is the real reason behind my glow and a big smile. I weighed 75 kilograms and let me tell you this weight was unwanted and not good for my health. I was fast turning into an obese girl who started disliking her body. I was losing confidence and was getting depressed. Nothing which earlier made me happy could make me happy anymore because at the back of mind all I was thinking was my increasing weight. I’m a corporate trainer and work schedule was quite hectic — unhealthy eating habits. Munching junk food at odd hours and no fixed time to eat proper food and later having a heavy meal- took a toll on my body. I love non-vegetarian food, and I cannot give up on any of the non-veg food. The result was a bloated looking Susan who was not feeling good at all! I was suffering from low Blood pressure, and my lousy eating habits created a lot of adverse effects on my health. But thankfully, I got in touch with YoursTruly which changed my attitude towards weight loss and transformed my life. I lost 5 kgs in 2 months – I could not believe it. They offered a complete program which focussed both on my diet and workout. Yours Truly  dieticians – Shaveta suggested a nutritious diet plan that not only gave me energy but they also curbed my food cravings.

Now, it was no casual meals ordered from KFC or pizzas that I loved and would order often. I knew that what I will eat will have a direct effect on my body. The best thing was that I was not on a crash diet and was losing weight gradually! I was not eating mindlessly. Instead, I was eating frequent healthy meals which boosted my stamina and gave me the energy to work to the best of my capability in the corporate world.

I want to mention that the Yours Truly app helped me a lot as I was able to concentrate and track my workouts and diet simultaneously which was not possible earlier. I would recommend this App to everyone who wants to lose weight as this App would help them a lot.

Thank you Yours Truly for changing my life!