About Us

We started YTC because we heard a lot of buzzes (and panic) about health and nutrition — everybody talks about it, and everybody claims to be an expert in it, and yet 61% of all deaths in India happen due to lifestyle diseases.

Curious by nature, we dug in and found that in the entire industry catering to the problem of obesity, one of the most important parts of the solution – the diagnostics – is missing; and this was absurd because the situation is akin to shooting a bird in the dark and hoping that you would hit it.

We also found that those who are fit, are so because they put in a great number of hours learning nutrition by themselves and pumping iron in the gym.

So we thought to ourselves, being healthy shouldn’t be this difficult. With so many gurus out there, there should be no myths around health and wellness. But there are.

So we went to work building Yours Truly Care - An affordable and easy way for everyone to achieve their health goals.
YTC has one mission: To empower people with information about their bodies that help them make everyday lifestyle decisions that add up to giving them a lifetime of wellness. Based in Pune, we are growing rapidly and hope to reach out to everyone in need of wellness (which is, like, everybody).

Aashish + Anjali,
Co-founders, YTC

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