Jeeragest & Aloe Vera Juice (Value Pack)

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Get the combined benefits of Aloe vera juice and Jeeragest in this combo pack.

Jeeragest is a powerful combination of jeera, saunf, and dhania extracts that give quick relief in acidity and indigestion.

Our Aloe vera juice is purely made of aloe vera pulp and helps boost immunity by improving the absorption of nutrients.

The combo pack consists of:

  • 1 bottle of Aloe vera juice of 1 litre.
  • 1 75 g packet of Jeeragest.

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aloe vera jeeragest

How to Consume

Add 35 ml (7 tablespoons) of Aloe vera juice in 1 glass of water. Mix well and drink every morning.

jeeragest to treat acidity

Boil half teaspoon of Jeeragest in 1 cup of water for 2 minutes. Strain and consume before each meal.


Does JeeraGest guarantee weight loss?

  • JeeraGest works on fat in a very systematic manner. It improves metabolism which further helps burn the excess  fat of the body. Weight Loss follows Fat loss gradually. Balanced diet, good breakfast and early dinner are the keys to a sustainable weight loss.

How many days does one packet of JeeraGest last?

  • One packet of Jeeragest lasts for 15 days.

Can Aloe Vera vary in color or taste?

  • Our aloe vera juice contain completely natural, pure ingredients, therefore natural variations in taste and color can sometimes occur from plant to plant. Our aloe vera is unfiltered so there may be sediment at the bottom of the bottle but this is safe to consume. It is also important to consider the climate, rainfall, and soil conditions which have an effect on the plant’s color and taste. Our products undergo thorough quality testing and we only sell the highest quality aloe vera to you.

How does aloe vera benefits Digestive System?

  • Aloe Vera contains enzymes that help to digest and absorb nutrients more efficiently, getting more nutrition from other foods. Our Aloe Vera juice has a guaranteed 1200MG/L of Polysaccharides, dietary fibers that bind to nutrients in your gut and help you absorb them, thereby improving your digestive system.

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