Total Losing weight is a reality with the support of  Modern Monk!

Hello friends. My name is Amarnath Vibute, and I  am 37 years old. I am an advocate by profession and have a hectic lifestyle. My primary concern in my life was my increasing weight which reached 103 kgs. The fact that I have a family history of obesity increased my risk of being obese. I started feeling pain in my shoulders and back, and the pain was always causing a lot of discomfort to me. I also have a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. I was at a higher risk of these problems as my weight had crossed hundred. I was worried and started going to the gym, But as it happens with most of the people, I stopped going to the gym, and it had been three months since I went to the gym. I had lost all hope, but Modern Monk came to my rescue. I called them up, and the dieticians at Modern Monk listened to me patiently. I told them about all my medical complications including the surgery I had undergone for Hernia.  I also shared with them the gastric problems I used to have now and then.

They sent an executive at my place to do the Body fat composition analysis. I was told about the areas I need to target to lose weight and workouts were advised to me. The dietician -Anisha gave me a diet plan that would help me lose weight. I must confess; initially, I was not very confident that I would be able to lose weight as I had never followed a particular diet. But I was wrong. After one week of following the diet and workout, a check-up was done, and I was surprised that I had started losing weight. It was the first time I felt a sense of victory in my attempt to lose weight. Every week my diet was changed and my workout too – everything was being updated.

Moreover, I kept track of the meals and calories I had during the day with the Modern Monk App. This App is very simple to use, and I also knew how my workout was affecting my body. Regular follow-ups, modifications made in the diet and motivational group activities put my weight loss on track. The result I lost weight, and I’m in a much happier space now. My family and friends have praised me for losing weight, and I too feel a great sense of confidence.

I would sincerely thank Modern Monk for bringing this positive lifestyle change. My journey is going strong, and I’m confident that I will reach my target weight soon with the support and guidance from Modern Monk.