Don’t stress about being overweight- Call Yours Truly to shed those extra kilos!

Hi. I am Ankita, and I am a student. At such a young age, I was battling the problem of being overweight.  I weighed 71 kgs, and this was one of the most depressing moments of my life. I could not wear the clothes I wanted to as they were not available in my size. Those clothes which were available did not match my requirements. Initially, I was baffled as to why I used to feel lethargic all the time. I used to feel tired after doing a small amount of work. My weight was affecting my life severely.  I was frustrated after the problems of weight adversely affecting my day-to-day life. My friends looked at me in a weird way, and all the aunties in the neighbourhood suggested me one or other remedy. But one thing was clear I had gained weight, and everyone noticed it! Oh My God, I felt so terrible. I decided I had to do something to control my increasing weight.

I got in touch with Yours Truly and Shainaz, my dietician gave me a diet. Initially, I was apprehensive whether I would be able to follow a pre-planned meal. But she motivated me, and she knew where I was faltering. She corrected me and made me follow a different diet every week. The change in the menu made it easier for me to follow the diet.

I was also suggested some tasty smoothies. They also helped in losing weight. But the best thing about the smoothie was that they made my skin glow, I had pimples I wanted to get rid of. So, I just loved how these smoothies made my skin glow. I was keeping a track on my diet and workout with the Yours Truly App.

After all the efforts, I started losing weight, and it gave me my confidence back and glowing skin. I came down to 67.80 kg from 71 kg. Thank you Yours Truly, I am very grateful to you. I would strongly recommend yours Truly to anyone who wants to lose weight.