Diary of a new mom battling weight loss!

Hi. I’m Priyanka Munot a new mother who had to battle the increasing weight mentally and physically. Like most of the new mothers,  I had put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, and now I was desperate to lose my postpartum weight. Taking care of two kids and breastfeeding the new-born, I always felt hungry all the time. Oh my God, you won’t believe, I used to munch in everything and any snack and food I would lay my hands on as I just wanted to fill my tummy. There was no proper diet plan, and I was eating like just crazy. The result I was gaining more weight which left me with less energy and sometimes no energy at all. I was finding it hard to take of my kids properly because I was not feeling good at all. My increasing weight, lack of energy and constant worrying turned my life upside down. But THANK GOD I discovered Yours Truly which helped me change my life for better!

Yours Truly gave me constant support and guidance to lose 5 Kgs in just one month. They recommended a proper diet that was based on my body fat analysis, and it worked wonders for me. Earlier I used to eat frequently whatever I could, but with the guidance from Yours Truly, I was conscious as to what I was eating. They changed my diet after every week after seeing my progress which I felt was right.

With the right diet and workouts, I was feeling super energetic now, and my skin has started glowing. Moreover, the quality of my hair improved and I just loved my skin and hair. Thank you Yours Truly, for all your guidance that proved to be a tremendous life-changing factor for me. There were no food cravings now, and I found myself not binging at all. The YTC team taught me how to eat right. Another factor that contributed to my weight loss was the Yours Truly App that helped me immensely in watching out my diet and exercise schedule.

My journey of weight loss is , and I know I will reach my target soon! Wish me good luck!