From Fat to being Fit- Thank you Yours Truly for the amazing transformation!

Hello, My name is Sunita Pandit. My major problem had been my increasing weight, and I was

clueless about how to reduce it. I am working in the IT sector in night shifts, and during the day, it had been difficult for me to concentrate on my health. I was binging on junk food and eating

everything -laden with lots of oil whenever hunger struck! Maggie, samosas, and everything that I love I was having without realizing that I would soon turn into a baby elephant! My weight became a big issue when I realized that if I didn’t control it, I would soon hit a century! I was terrified and furiously searched for help on the internet. Too many diet plans and workout programmes confused me! The most disturbing fact about my increasing weight was that I was losing my confidence and I hated my body. I became conscious of my body and started slipping into depression. But when my friend recommended me YoursTruly -it saved my life! She also asked me to download the Yourstruly app where I got loads of useful information and I was able to keep a track on my work out and diet.

No more junk food and regular exercises – the expert Anisha provided such healthy eating tips that they changed my life. Thank you guys for your support!

Getting in touch with the YoursTruly team was a game-changer for me. I contacted the friendly team at YoursTruly, and they sent a professional to get my Body fat analysis done. A dietician was dedicated to my progress, and she gave me a personalized recommendation to lose weight. A tailored-made diet plan was given to me which was based on my body fat analysis. I was surprised to know that how the process of weight loss is a scientific one and with continuous monitoring of my body fat every week, I knew I was on the right path. With the right combination of diet and workout, I lost 5 kgs in just four weeks! Unbelievable! I never thought that I would lose even 1 kilogram, but the results exceeded my expectations. They recommended me a few tasty smoothies, umm the Reduce is my favourite- a super taste of carrots and tangerine-its yummy! and I love it! These have not only helped in my weight loss but made my skin glow. Now everyone’s asking about my drastic transformation and it’s all thanks to the brilliant team of YoursTruly who have indeed proven to be my partner in my success story!