How I got a new life? - thanks to Yours Truly!

Hi, I’m Teja Darekar, and I’m a housewife,’ and like every homemaker, I took care of everyone in the family but ignored my health! My weight was increasing day by day and reached 87 kgs! I was overweight and was always worrying about it. I was suffering from Diabetes and High blood

pressure. I was also diagnosed with a fatty liver, and my increasing weight became a more

complicated situation to handle. With my weight, I was always low on energy, and I felt tired while doing even the simplest task. I was not able to take care of my husband and lovely two daughters the way I wanted to as I was experiencing fatigue all the time. My medical history and increasing weight took a toll on y life. Moreover, periods irregularity also worsened my situation, until I met the people at Yours Truly.

Before meeting the dieticians’ at Yours Truly, my increasing weight was my biggest concern, but the guys here transformed my life and my outlook towards health and fitness completely. I learned that weight loss needed a complete approach that targeted both the diet and workouts — the programme offered by Yours Truly aimed at improving the lifestyle and just not the weight. Earlier too I had tried another product Herba Life for a couple of months, and I lost 8 to 10 in the year 2016, but again the weight was back. The dietician at Yours Truly – Shainaz suggested me some amazing diets after my thorough body analysis. One of the greatest things about the food was that it was being changed every week after monitoring my progress. Oh God, I loved it! No more crash dieting and starving, I was eating and still losing weight! I was eating healthy and eating the right food . With a good workout plan, I was able to lose 9 kgs in just four months! I feel so much energy now that I want to do more for my kids and family. I love every bit of myself, and I love my body now. I am healthy now and fit. I feel a sense of freshness in me, and I am taking care of my family like never before. Also, I would like to tell that the Yours Truly App helped me a lot on my weight loss journey as I was always aware what I was eating and my workout was going according to schedule or not.

Thank you Yours Truly, you have changed my life and I wish you, people, a lot of success!!!