About Us

At Modern Monk, we strive to provide a unique combination of nutrition, fitness, psychology, and gamification, to fight the real pandemic – the New World Syndrome (obesity, hypertension, cardiac disease), which is said to affect around 75% of the global population.

And since new-age problems require new-age solutions, we are building a social game to empower as well as engage people to fight the NWS. We have an IIT + ISB founder, are backed by an ex- Indian Bank CXO angel, are a young, extremely lean, customer-centric start-up that craves for nothing but growth.

What do you get at Modern Monk

With Modern Monk, you can work out with a community of fitness enthusiasts, friends & family from across the globe through live video classes. Ace your yoga poses, get live posture correction & strengthen your core with live feedback. Workouts have never been this accessible or affordable!

You can join teams of like-minded people and compete with other teams to win the MPL (Modern Monk Premier League, gaming format to manage obesity) by participating in daily challenges with people like you to improve fitness & lose weight. So weight loss becomes fun for you while becoming achievable and affordable at the same time.

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